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Travel guide Hunter Valley & Barrington for Cruising

Editor's Choice - Willowgatehall Luxury B&B
By Lisa Monk

  Willowgatehall Luxury B&B Step back in time to a thoroughly modern guesthouse and enjoy the history and luxury of Willowgatehall.  Located in the heart of Scone in the Upper Hunter Valley, the hall was for many years the cultural heart of Scone. Built in 1873, a new façade was added in 1988 as part of the celebrations for the centenary of the founding of the colony.  The Hall was well known for its expansive library and was home to the debating competition of the area for some time.  In fact the Hall has several claims to fame, not least being that Banjo Patterson performed there, Mark Twain (author of Huckleberry Finn) delivered a lecture at the Hall in 1895 and it was the site of the first meeting of the Scone Municipal Council in 1888. And this herit... Read more

Editor's Choice - Belmadar Rose Cottage
By Lisa Monk

Belmadar Rose Cottage is like a gift; as you unwrap it, the surprise just grows.  This lovely property is just five minutes from Singleton, in the heart of the Hunter Valley.  It is a fully self-contained, 2 bedroom cottage that is the perfect starting place for an exploration of the wineries and surrounding area. However Belmadar Rose Cottage really is a place that lives up to “something for everyone”, as it is fully accessible to the disabled, yet available to everyone.  The cottage has been purpose-built to cater for the disabled, and yet is also a fabulous location for the able-bodied to enjoy as well. It is the operators attention to detail and knowledge of the needs of disabled people that have allowed them to create such a wonderful property, and a fitt... Read more

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