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Travel guide Coober Pedy

Old Timers Mine Museum Tour
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 5555 or otm@berrydopals.com.au
Visit the Old Timers Mine and Museum, Coober Pedy's premier, multi award winning, affordable and family friendly tourist attraction. Explore a 1916 underground opal mine, museum and 1920 to 1990 home. View three large good quality opal seams, opalised seashells in the roof in their natural state, Coober Pedy's largest painted lady opal. Compare opal prices of opal jewellery mined, cut and polished, and set locally at the Underground Opal and Gift shop. Enjoy a continuous self-guided tour with written guides in a number of different languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Hebrew. Free opal mining machine demonstrations, blower and tunnelling machine available at 9.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Noodle the pit after your tour for the chance to fin... Read more

Desert Cave Tours
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 5688, 1800 088 521 or reserve@desertcave.com.au
Desert Cave Tours offer a variety of tours in and around the famous opal mining town, Coober Pedy. The tours are only limited by your imagination. Experience the beauty of outback landscapes. Tours include Coober Pedy town and scenic tours, opal discovery, fossicking for opals and mail run day tour.. www.desertcave.com.au Read more

Arid Zone Tours
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 5359 or tours@aridzone.net
Arid Zone Tours offers tours around the town of Coober Pedy, Lake Eyre, Painted Desert and The Breakaways.Town tours for people on a tight schedule take approximately two hours and visit all the major attractions inside the town area, excluding the main street, and include a visit to a dugout home an opal mine and also visit an underground church and the desert golf course. Breakaways Tours take approximately four hours and include everything you see on the town tour plus a trip out to the Breakaways.A hundred kilometres up Oodnadatta Road from Coober Pedy is the turn off to The Painted Desert. The Painted Desert is a colourful natural display of sandstone and ochres in hues that artists love to capture. Also part of the Breakaway country further south, this area receives very few visitors... Read more

Radeka's Downunder Star Gazing Presentation Coober Pedy
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 5223, 1800 633 891 or radekadownunder@ozemail.com.au
Radeka's Downunder Star Gazing Presentation offers a fantastic insight into the desert night sky. Learn about astronomy, the southern stars, the Southern Cross and how to navigate by the stars. Highlights of Radeka's Presentation include Constellation 'Southern Cross' and'Alpha and Beta Centauri' (The Pointers) and how to use these stars for navigating and The coalsack 'Nubula' and 'Jewel Box Star' cluster.. www.radekadownunder.com.au Read more

Radeka's Desert Breakaway Tour
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 5223, 1800 633 891 or radekadownunder@ozemail.com.au
Radeka’s Desert Breakaways Tours are offering a full round trip of Coober Pedy’s most interesting and unique sites. Your tour will be in a fully air-conditioned bus with an experienced Opal Miner as your guide, who will explain the history of Coober Pedy and how opal was first discovered here. www.radekadownunder.com.au Read more

Opal Cave Tours
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 5028, 1800 676 680 or delf@ozemail.com.au
Join Opal Cave Tours for a tag along, self drive tour travelling in your own vehicle with our tour guide. See Coober Pedy and major attractions located just out of town. Enjoy the mysterious landscape and have a go fossicking for your own opal. See the Underground Church, Faye's Historic Underground Home and Mine and an Opal Cutting Demonstration. Packages including accommodation and tour can be arranged.. www.opalcavecooberpedy.com Read more

Opal Air Pty Ltd
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 3067, 8681 7097 or opalair@bigpond.com
Opal Air Pty Ltd is locally owned and operated by an experienced outback pilot and opal miner. A unique look at spectacular ancient and recent man made landscapes. The South Australian Outback by air is breathtaking, spectacular and like no other place on the planet. To experience this by motor vehicle would take days. Truly one of the great air tours, this is an opportunity not be missed.. www.opalair.com.au Read more

Desert Diversity Tours
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 5226, 1800 069 911 or info@desertdiversity.com
Desert Diversity Tours is a family owned company that operates out of the world famous Opal Mining town of Coober Pedy, in Outback South Australia. Our tours offer real Outback experiences travelling over vast cattle properties, over gibber plains, red sand hills and ancient inland seabeds. Learn about this diverse area, its history and pioneers with fully accredited guides who have lived and worked in the area for most of their lives.Our tours will take you to those hard to get to places, where you will not only see great scenery, but also travel over the ancient Inland Sea bed and learn how Central Australia was formed over the last 190 million years. We will tell you about the early explorers, the arid land pastoral industry, the fauna and flora and what it is like to live in the outbac... Read more

Coober Pedy-Oodnadatta One Day Mail Run
By ATDW Database

Contact: 8672 5226, 1800 069 911 or info@mailruntour.com
The Coober Pedy-Oodnadatta One Day Mail Run gives you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel with the mailperson delivering mail to remote outposts in the Outback of South Australia.

This great Outback mail run takes you to the heart of ... Read more

Flinders Ranges and South Australian outback
By Kylie Jane Degeling

At one point in time, Australia’s vast deserts were teeming with marine life and completely underwater. The Eromanga Sea that once covered Australia’s outback disappeared between 100-120 million years ago, leaving behind fossils and opals, as well as terrain that is both rugged and beautiful. It’s hard to imagine the deep flowing water of this sea however, as today South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent on earth. But this is a good thing – it’s unlikely to rain on your holiday, and the flora, fauna, and desert features that are the result of this change from sea to desert are utterly fascinating. Coober Pedy is at the northern end of the South Australian outback, and here you will find an underground town with some buildings bobbing abo... Read more

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