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Travel guide Ballarat

Solidarnosc exhibition
By ATDW Database

Contact: 5333 0333, 1800 287 113 or info@made.org
Venue: 102 Stawell St South, Ballarat Victoria
Date(s): From Sat 26 Oct 13 To Fri 22 Nov 13
Solidarnosc (Solidarity) is a Polish trade union organisation that grew out of a series of strikes in 1980. Protesting against poor economic and social conditions, Solidarnosc became a movement for democratic change and at one point had nearly ten million members.Solidarnosc has endured a torturous struggle. From 1981, the movement was outlawed and many activists were imprisoned without trial. It was eventually legalised again in 1989. Solidarnosc's subsequent success in the 1989 Polish election was seen as the beginning of the fall of communism across Eastern Europe.This exhibition was originally put together by the Australian Polish Historical Society to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Solidarnosc (Solidarity) strikes. It recognises the strength and determination of those involved ... Read more

Australian Modern Masterpieces

Contact: 03 5320 5858 or artgal@ballarat.vic.gov.au
A veritable who’s who of Australia’s 20th century art world will be the focus of an exceptional exhibition at The Art Gallery of Ballarat this spring. Read more

Golden Nugget Discovery Tours
By ATDW Database

Contact: 5332 9199 or golden.nuggettours@bigpond.com
Golden Nugget Discovery Tours conducts small group Ecotourism tours of western and central Victoria. It's the ideal way for couples, small groups and individual travellers to experience the Goldfields region, the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians National Park, Daylesford & Spa country, plus the Pyrenees wine region. Relive the history and heritage of the gold rush times as you visit Ballarat and Bendigo, pan for gold in Ballarat or discover the Chinese heritage of Bendigo. Explore the small towns and villages of the old goldfields, the wild nature of the parks, and the fabulous food and wine of the Goldfields. Walking tours of the Goldfields region will be available soon. See the fantastic coastal scenery, from wide sandy beaches to tall towering cliffs of the Great Ocean Road, as well a... Read more

Victorian Goldfields
By Kylie Jane Degeling

People flocked to Victoria for several decades following the discovery of gold in 1851. Tens of thousands of hopefuls mined their claims; some finding riches beyond their imagination while others could only look on in frustration. Although enormous quantities were found - particularly in Mt Alexander where 4 million ounces of alluvial gold were collected - some people found themselves turning up only tiny flakes. With the prosperity of gold breathing excitement into the area and actually tripling the population of Australia, many industrious people saw the opportunity to really strike it rich - by providing services to the miners. They arrived ready to build hotels, homes, restaurants and stores, sell or rent their wares for a premium and farm or cook to provide food for the wealthy and... Read more

Top Five Accessible Travel Destinations
By Bruce Mumford

When you’re disabled it’s a lot easier - and cheaper - to stay at home. But after our family came home from a trip away, I realised the memories would be there with our boys for the rest of their lives.  It’s certainly not easy (when you’re disabled what is?) but it is worth it. My favourite Australian  destinations are: 1. Darling Harbour, Sydney I never visited Darling Harbour when growing up in Sydney.  But our family came up here and stayed 3 nights last year and had a wonderful time!  It was great being a tourist in what was once my own backyard.  After seeing a fair bit of overseas, I still think Sydney stacks up pretty well. The terrific thing about Darling Harbour is that it’s so much like Tasmania; a lot to do in such a sm... Read more

Ballarat Victoria
By Ballarat Visitor Information Centre

Switch on your sense of adventure, rekindle your love of history, fine tune your appreciation of the natural world, and take a trip to Ballarat, where you will discover a city with a rich cultural heritage and vibrant lifestyle. Ballarat is situated 110 kilometres north west of Melbourne, and is a fantastic day trip, short break or longer stay destination.  Built on the wealth of gold, Ballarat is a monument to the pioneering adventurers who left their distant homelands in search of prosperity in the gold rush of the 1850’s. Also referred to as the ‘Garden City’ and the ‘City of Statues’, Ballarat offers a wealth of attractions and activities. Step back in time to the 1850’s and be caught up in the thrill of gold fever at Sovereign Hill.  A l... Read more

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