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Travel guide Maldon

A trip to Maldon
By Kylie Jane Degeling

  A trip to Maldon is a treat for any history buff. Listed as Australia’s ‘First Notable Town’ by The National Trust in 1966, this old gold mining town has beautifully preserved buildings dating back to the 19th century and a genuine steam train. At one time in history, the town had some of the world’s richest quartz reefs, with wealthy fortune-hunters flocking to the area where they built luxurious homes and businesses at the height of the boom. Today, the miners have gone, along with the quartz and gold – but in 2006 The National Trust referred to Maldon as “…the most intact historic streetscape in Victoria.” It is truly a picturesque preservation of Australian history.   Fans of Australian literature and movies will be intere... Read more

Victorian Goldfields
By Kylie Jane Degeling

People flocked to Victoria for several decades following the discovery of gold in 1851. Tens of thousands of hopefuls mined their claims; some finding riches beyond their imagination while others could only look on in frustration. Although enormous quantities were found - particularly in Mt Alexander where 4 million ounces of alluvial gold were collected - some people found themselves turning up only tiny flakes. With the prosperity of gold breathing excitement into the area and actually tripling the population of Australia, many industrious people saw the opportunity to really strike it rich - by providing services to the miners. They arrived ready to build hotels, homes, restaurants and stores, sell or rent their wares for a premium and farm or cook to provide food for the wealthy and... Read more

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