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Michael Peck - 'Love & Fear'
By ATDW Database

Contact: 9500 8511 or admin@metrogallery.com.au
Venue: 1214 High St, Armadale Victoria
Date(s): From Mon 18 Nov 13 To Sat 14 Dec 13
Michael Peck's most recent paintings are the beginning of a new body of work; developed during a three-month residency at Birrarung House in Melbourne's fringe bush land. Inspired by the isolation of the surrounding landscape, the artist has reimagined the human experience within a familiar yet somewhat inexplicable environment.The images draw on the iconography of landscape juxtaposed with figures engaged in an ambiguous mix of invented rituals and traditions. It is a landscape devoid of modern technology. A world detached from the world we know. Neither adhering tightly to either the past, present or future but, rather, one that could exist in any time. Acting as a metaphorical frontier, the scenes explore questions about survival and human adaptation.The participants in the paintings ar... Read more

The Art of Star Wars & Star Trek
By ATDW Database

Contact: 9509 5577 or colin@silverkgallery.com.au
Venue: 1092 High St., Armadale Victoria
Date(s): From Tue 10 Sep 13 To Sun 24 Nov 13
Silver K Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of the largest exhibition of Star Wars , Superheroes and Star Trek art ever presented in Australia. This is the biggest collection the gallery has ever displayed at our gallery with over 160 pieces on display. Lucas Films have commissioned some of the finest artists and illustrators to recapture many of those classic scenes and moments that made Star Wars such an internationally acclaimed success. A wonderful selection of Star Wars art on canvas and paper, presents all the favorite characters including Darth Vader, Yoda, Artoo, Storm Troopers, Boba Fett and many many more. Many of the pieces are hand signed by the artists.The exhibition also features a beautiful collection of Superheroes artwork, with art from internationally acclaimed... Read more

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