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Travel guide Victoria for 4WD Tours

Waeco Products
By Rachel Power

Undertaking a four month journey around Australia with two young girls requires careful planning and preparation. Our WAECO Products have made our camping life much more enjoyable. CoolFreeze CF-80 The most essential item is our CF-80 fridge/freezer. The biggest benefit of the CF-80 is the ability to combine a fridge and freezer in one unit. Having a freezer has enabled us to stock up on meat and other frozen products on special saving us a great deal of money. With the children, it has also meant we can carry food items that can be prepared quickly to satisfy hungry tummies.   The large 80 litre capacity has enabled us to carry a huge range of foods and drinks such as frozen meat, ice creams, ice cubes, juice, margarine, deli meats, left-overs, beer and wine, all at appropriate t... Read more

Review - Pied-a-terre
By Nicole Corson

97 Chaffey Ave Mildura, Victoria Pied-a-terre, French for foot on the ground, refers to a second home, and this luxurious bed & breakfast really does feel like your second home. With all of its space and comfort you won’t want to return home. Overall rating?  Outstanding What makes Pied-a-terre different? It really is like a second home, when you arrive it is very homely and well set-out.  Pied-a-terre is surprisingly large…  you wouldn’t know it from the front but this B&B has 5 bedrooms and plenty of room in between, with one of the bedrooms being upstairs with its own ensuite and study. Accommodation overview You will find Pied-a-terre In a quiet street that you may drive past if you weren’t looking for it, and each of its 5 be... Read more

Touring Routes The Great Ocean Road, Victoria
By Tourism Australia

Expect more than ‘great ocean’ on this iconic touring route. Rightly regarded as one of the most spectacular coastal roads in the world, the Great Ocean Road loops like a rollercoaster along the southern sea-cliffs of Victoria. Carved out of the mountains, the road winds its way around some 300km of rugged, exposed coastline from Geelong to Warrnambool, past cliffs, roaring seas, tranquil coves and some of Australia’s best surf beaches. Along the way it links the deliciously quaint fishing villages and seaside holiday towns of Torquay, Lorne, Anglesea, Airey’s Inlet and Apollo Bay before heading inland through the Otway Ranges. Emerging from the forest, the road then reveals a vastly different landscape as it runs behind sandstone cliffs, which face the onslaught of... Read more

Safety tips for travelling in Australia
By Lisa Monk

Those of us who live in Australia grow up understanding the joys, dangers and safety rules that make it such a great place.  However, many visitors to our country find Australia an alien, but starkly beautiful country, and they have little or no understanding of the best way to stay safe and enjoy their time here. A few very simple rules can help to make a visit to Australia a safe and pleasurable experience, and Tourism Australia has a brochure available for download that lists safety tips in a variety of languages. Driving tips One of the first things to remember is that speed limits are strictly enforced in Australia, more so than in many countries overseas.  Generally, when driving in urban and suburban areas, the speed limit is between 50 and 60 kilometres per hour. When ... Read more

Travelling with Teens
By Lisa Monk

We know that our teenage children can be delightful, exasperating, funny, sullen, adventurous, shy, talkative, slothful and manic – and sometimes that is just in the space of an hour!  All these moods are magnified when it comes to travelling, be it in Australia or overseas, as teens and parents are forced into one another’s company without a ‘get out of jail free’ card, such as time with friends. Travelling overseas with teenagers tends to be a better experience for a number of reasons, such as the brilliant entertainment systems now available on most flights, menus that let them eat things they like, resorts that have activities that cater for most age groups and the “wow” factor.  So let’s concentrate on surviving travelling in Austra... Read more

The Grampians
By Kylie Jane Degeling

Imagine beginning a dinner party conversation with, “Back when I found myself in The Jaws of Death…” You’ll certainly get everyone’s attention. If the mere thought leaves you quaking however, fear not! The Grampians’ remarkable cliffs overlooking the picturesque Lake Wartook and Victoria Valley are easily accessible and nowhere near as scary as they look. In fact, just a short walk can lead you to a view you’ll never forget, as well as the opportunity to snap photos that will impress your friends, without risking your life. (Note: These cliffs have been renamed “The Balconies”, which doesn’t sound nearly as dangerous, but don’t worry – we won’t tell your mates.) The 400 million-year-old series of four distinct ... Read more

Phillip Island
By Kylie Jane Degeling

If you’d like a break on an island with stunning scenery, adorable little penguins, koalas and Australia’s largest colony of fur seals; then there are plenty of reasons to visit Phillip Island. But if that isn’t enough to entice you, there is also the excitement of the motorcycle grand prix, the lure of gourmet food and fine wines, as well as romantic hideaways and family-friendly holiday accommodation all around. Discovered by George Bass in 1798, the island was first settled in Rhyll in 1826. Tourists have been enjoying the beauty of Phillip Island since the 1840s. In the late 1800s, the island was also an agricultural centre for the production of chicory (for coffee), so you will encounter many chicory kilns. The island is easy to get around by car, and as it is on... Read more

Editor's Choice - Metung Holiday Villas
By Lisa Monk

A surprise around every corner … Finding a holiday to suit everyone is not nearly as easy as it sounds – but it can be when you choose Metung Holiday Villas!  There is a lot to think about when you are looking for a family-friendly holiday … there has to be more than just activities for the kids, as it leaves the adults out on a limb, and often when the needs of the grown-up members of the group are catered for, the kids are bored - and we all know that is no holiday! Metung Holiday Villas has the attractions to appeal to everyone, with a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, making it a holiday destination not to be missed.  The beaches are safe and ideal for children and you have a choice of day hire boats or skippered cruises to make the most o... Read more

The Great Ocean Walk
By Parks Victoria

"If people have been impressed by driving down the Great Ocean Road, what they will see on the Great Ocean Walk will really blow their minds." Otway National Park Ranger-in-Charge, Will Cox. A road that clings to sometimes precipitous cliffs above Bass Strait in the south-west of Victoria is, quite rightly, one of the state's greatest tourism drawcards. Originally hacked out of the hills in the 1930s by labourers using picks and shovels, the Great Ocean Road has such scale and drama that it rates as one of the world's most spectacular and scenic coastal drives. This iconic attraction has also gained another marvellous aspect, the Great Ocean Walk. At Apollo Bay, three hours from Melbourne where the road turns inland, a new walking track takes up the coastal trail to give acc... Read more

The Blue Dandenongs
By Parks Victoria

"The Blue Dandenongs is well known for its spectacular Mountain Ash trees and lush fern gullies... Read more

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